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Window Shopping

Window shopping is useful activity. It is also fun and inexpensive. It does not cost anything. We spend our time walking through the shop or market. We can see all items there. For example: clothes, accessories, furniture, and toys. We can go with friends or family. It needs a longtime, so we must prepare all well. We prepare the comfortable clothes that we wear, vehicle that we use, and what time we go in order we enjoy this activity. Window shopping also has advantages. We are being able to compare the items and get more information about the items.
Comparing before purchasing something is necessary. We compare items based on their price and quality. Items with low price and good quality are the important purpose. We also see the color, durability, and service aspect while doing window shopping. After that, We provide money to buy the item. For example: we are going to buy the furniture so we go to several shops and see the items. We compare item from different shops. I t is because every shop has different items with different price and quality. We must be careful if we do window shopping. We must be disappointed if we get the same item with our friend but our item is more expensive and has lack quality. So, we must be selective if we do window shopping. After we find the item that we want, we provide money to buy the item.
We also get more information while doing window shopping. We know about new brand or new arrival, new style in clothing and sale. For example: we go to the shop and see items. We ask the sales about the item that we want. They will explain and give more information about the items. We also can ask them when they will hold the sale. Usually, they hold the sale on the special day. Sale will be held during the Christmas and New Year, Idul Fitri day, Independence day, and others. If we know more about the information, we will get the item easily. So, we can update the items that happen and we won’t be left out the information.
Based on the information, we can conclude that window shopping is useful activity. It is necessary to select items before we purchase. We can compare items and get more information about new brand. So, we get the best item that we want by window shopping.


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Photography is becoming an interesting hobby for many young generations. The generations who have many creativity and innovations make photography is like a magic. It can hypnotize everyone with its beauties and cannot be priced with anything. Technological advantages make them interest in and learn about photography easily. Nowadays, a cellular phone has already been completed with camera inside. Many people have had it so, they can simply take photos. When we learn photography or make it to be our hobby, we can get many advantages, for examples; we can get many friends and earn money from photography.
Today, many people are interested in photography and they make a community whose members are interested in photography. In school and in university, there is an extracurricular or communities of photography. For example, in Sanata Dharma University, there is a community whose whose the members are interested in photography. The name is Lens Club. They can share everything about photography to others, such as, share about lens, technical on taking photos, etc. From that, they can improve their ability. They also make many activities. In this case, they may go to somewhere for hunting many beautiful pictures and then the outputs can be showed by an expo. The impact is they can get many friends, especially whom are interested in photography.
Many professional photographers make photography not only as an art but also a business; likes, pre-wedding photo, outdoor or indoor photo session for magazines. It needs a professionalism and high budget. They will spend a lot of money to buy much kind of cameras which prices are expensive. They will also complete their camera with many cameras’ accessories, such as: telephoto lens. So, they can get best quality of art. If the art has high quality, it will have high price. Costumers will come to order and the photographers earn money from it.
I have a friend. His name is Bagoes. He is interested in photography for many years. He is introduced to photography by his father. His father’s profession as a journalist made him know photography for many years. Now, he has many friends whom are interested too in photography. He joins on many communities of photography in his university and town. Every month, he and his friends go to many beautiful places for hunting photos. He also has a house production. He makes photography as a business. He can earn money from it and now, he can pay his study in university with his own money.
The advancement pf technology makes photography easier to learn. By using a mobile phone’s camera or pocket camera, people can learn about photography and practice it. Photography itself can be a business or an art. It can help or make us to earn money or get benefit to improve the ability on photography. We will also get more friends. There are more advantages of photography. So, many people will more interested in it so on.

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andreo 081214090

Many people say, especially to some artists they can express themselves by painting. Every color represent s every feeling. Besides as a hobby painting is cool enough. For this thing we do not need to spend a lot of money. There are three reasons why painting is good as a hobby; they are feeling happy, proud, and unique.
Painting makes us happy. Why? If we, make something good with our paint brush, color, and canvas everyone who sees our work will give us compliments. Happy what I mean is not only our feeling, but also to them who sees our sketch. Not rare people can get some new imagination or inspiration by just looking to certain sketch. Not only that, they will know about our ability in painting. If we are lucky our name will get known by people.
Painting makes us proud too because whatever the result, that is our expression. From the view people may guess what is that mean. They will know what the purpose is of made that sketch. Have you ever imagine what will people think about us if we made something different and interesting? In painting we have so many themes. We have heard so many times there is much song look like other song from different singer. But, in painting we have so many theme, we can get some inspiration from our life everyday.
That can be unique way for everybody to show their mind. If we have something to say we can just say it. That not always success. If we do not know anything else to do, we still have one way. For example; I have ever seen a sketch which in that picture a poor skinny people carried a big, rich, and cruel man in his back. In this sketch we can get the purpose of the sketch, the sketch maker wants to tell us about the big problem in this life. Rich people always suppress poor people. That is way this way is unique. This is become a unique way for us to show our mind if we think words are useless. That is great, right? How will you express your mind? Just try that, I guarantee you will love it.
Painting is a good activity. That can makes us happy, proud and it is a good way to show or to tell the other people about our feeling or mind. Nice try…

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My Hobby

Hobby is the activity that people love very much about it. Everybody in this world make sure has one or more hobby in their life. Do you have a hobby? I have many hobbies in my life. I love sleeping, eating, watching movie, watching television, listening music, walking, dancing, singing, and ballet very much in my life. Everything that connected to all about entertainment like movie, television’s program, music, dance, sing, concert, acting, show, ballet, etc.. can be always my hobbies, because entertainment is like a part of my life. Even, I join to PBI Sanata Dharma University because I know that English is full of entertainment that I love it very much, like movie, music, acting, etc. Entertainment is fun, so do English. Entertainment is my interest and hobby so I hope that it can make me enjoy following all activities in the college.

Ballet is the most things that I love it very much in my life. Like acting, I can express all feelings through the expression and dance/movement. Every movement of hands, head, sight of eyes, feet, and fingers always express the feelings, like sadness, happiness, angry, etc… sometimes, when I sad, I can create one until two choreography. I always show all of my feelings through the ballet’s choreography, so I can be calm down again after I do one or more exercise/movement of Ballet and express all of my feelings through that exercise/movement. Ballet is a place for me to share all my feelings in it every day.

Movie is my second hobby after Ballet that I love it very much. I love many kinds of movies, except humorous’ film. I like horror, drama-musical, thriller, cartoon, etc. I love watching movie very much. Movie can inspire me all many things about this life. When I feel down, hopeless, very deep sadness, etc… movies always inspire me to come up again. When I feel happy, cheer, and hanging out/ spend my time with my friends, movie usually be our first object/ destination. But when I got angry, and I feel wanna to dance, drama-musical’s film is my first object to watching alone and show my feeling through the dance with follow every movement of dance in that film. Movie is a place for me to get inspire in it and always help me to find a solution when I feel there’s no solution in each of my life’s problem.

Listening music and singing is my third hobby after ballet and movie. I always listening music and then singing shout, when I get depressed and frustration. Music usually can bring back my soul together. and music with singing usually can give my soul with full of spirit. Without music, life always looks flat and feels empty. No movie without music, no dance without music, no song without music, and no ballet without music. Music is the primary background of everything in this world. All art in this world is based on music. Music is spirit of the art, so, no music no art.

That’s all is my story of my hobbies. I have many hobbies, but only entertainment that I like the most. Many entertainments like movie, music, ballet, dance, and the other of art I love them all very much. Beside of the entertainment, I have the others hobbies too. I love eating, sleeping, and reading very much too, but I can’t explain one by one in it. It’s too long. I just can explain my hobby I like the most. From my story above, I hope all of you can interest reading my writing.

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Have you ever chated with a friend in a classroom while the course is still in progress? It might not be the best idea to have oral conversation with your friend if at the same time the lecturer is speaking in front of the class. In fact, some people-like me-found it hard to keep their mouths idle more than ten minutes, so they-as I do-create a new form of face-to-face conversation without producing any sound. Actually this technique has been used by people-usually teenagers-for years. However, some people don’t know anything about this “secret chat”. Like other things, a secret chat has both advantages and disadvantages. In this article, I will tell you about it, but I will start with the definition first. Hopefully, it will help you to understand more about this secret chat.
Perhaps you don’t understand why I used the words “secret chat” to mention this technique. It is just because of the principle. The principle is to give someone a message without producing any sounds, so it becomes a secret. To make it secret, you absolutely need some preparations. Before you start writing, you need some tools, for example: pen, pencil, and a small piece of paper. After you get your tools, you just have to write down what you want to talk about. After you finished writing, fold the paper then give it to your friend. You can also try the simplest way by immediately giving it or throwing it to your friend. When you decide to have a secret chat with your friend, the most important thing is your writing must be short but understandable. If you write a long message or sentence, you need more space to write. That means you waste the paper. Moreover, it will help your friend to reply your message shortly but clearly. Isn’t it easy to do? The answer is yes. For evidence, many people like this kind of communication and using it since years ago.
So, the next question is why people like this secret chat? Of course people won’t like it if it doesn’t give any advantages. Secret chat has its own interesting facts which are adored by many people. When people feel bored with the lessons, and the lecturer still wants you to keep silent, you usually want to speak with your friend. A secret chat may become the solution and seem interesting. In a secret chat, you don’t need to produce any sound. Of course it makes the class keep on silence. You also may use this way to get some urgent information that you need from your friend although the class is in progress. Another additional point is that you can write anything freely, because it is a secret between you and your friend. Nobody will know unless you show the paper to everyone.
This kind of communication sounds fun, doesn’t it? You can have a conversation with your friend in a secret way, without producing any sounds, and without using your cell phone which is customarily prohibited in school or college. Unfortunately, like other things in this world- this kind of communication also has some disadvantages. Secret chat may disturb other friends if you chat with a friend who is far from your desk. You have to give the paper to a friend beside you, and then to a friend beside him, until it comes to your friend who you want to chat with. In this condition, the secret chat is not a simple way to communicate, because you have to bother other people around you. Other disadvantages, when you chat too many and it is continuing for a long time, you will lose your mind from what the lecturer are talking about. It definitely makes you focus only to the thing you talk to your friend, not to the lesson given to you. Furthermore, it is not a way to show your respect to your lecture who is talking in front of the class. Then again, you will waste your paper by doing a secret chat if you do it too many times.
Actually, the secret chat is an interesting way to have a secret, simple, fun, and interesting conversation with friends when you are bored with the lesson. However, it also has some disadvantages if you do it too often or if you do it for a long time. It may cause many things you will regret about. Nevertheless, secret chat is optional, whether you prefer to have it or not. Which one do you prefer: having a secret chat with your friend while class is in progress, or wait until the class over?

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The Advantages of Reading Novels

Reading novels is my favorite hobby. Although some people say it is boring just to read many sentences with only a few pictures, but I find it very exciting. Through reading novels, I get many advantages such as to relax, understand another culture from the story, and learn from the characters.
The first one, reading is a relaxing. I strongly say that it is very relaxing especially when I have a hectic day at the campus or after doing a lot of activities. When I get home and read novels, I escape from all routine activities and entertain myself by the wild imagination inside the novels. For instance: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Secret Seven, Famous Five, etc. These novels really entertain me through their stories. I can put myself into the stories. If I have nothing to do, I’ll spend my time mostly by reading, although I don’t do it every time.
The second one, reading makes me understand another culture. This is one of the cool advantage that I get through reading. In some novels like The Chronicles of Narnia, Secret Seven, or Lord of the Rings, there are some new cultures foe me to know. For instance: in Secret Seven I know about drinking tea culture every four p.m in England and also about the legend of Guy Fawkes, he was one of the British heroes. In some of Goosebumps novels I know a bit about the Indian tribes in America, about how they lived and how they named their children; and in Enid Blyton’s Malory Tower series I know that in England there is a sport called lacrosse which doesn’t exist in our country. Considering these examples, I believe it is one of the benefits I get from reading novels.
The third one, I learn some values from the characters. Harry Potter teaches me how we as human beings should be loyal to our pals through the good or even the bad times. Frodo Baggins teaches me bravery, even the smallest creature has the biggest bravery in saving the world. Aragorn and Arwen in Lord of the Rings teach me love, how love can push to the limit and finally finds its own way through life. These values are reflected from the dialogues, the descriptions, sometimes in a humorous way.
Sometimes reading is surprising. Sometimes you cannot guess the end of it. It is like finding a treasure. As a treasure, you will find it very precious. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s read novels!

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Movie is a kind of entertainment. It brings lots of excitement, sadness, happiness and represents human feelings such as losing, winning, and getting something special and many more. Therefore movie provides lots of genres to entertain the watchers like comedy, action, drama, horror, thriller,and documentary. Each genre has its own purpose. For example, comedy makes people laughing, action makes adrenalin rush, drama makes people crying, horror and thriller scares people and the last, documentary tells people about what happened in the past. So, people have to know about the purpose of each genre. Besides genres, Movie makers play an important role in movie development. It is because they are the people who make movies and improve it by their won creativity and thought. The famous movie makers come from Hollywood as the center of movie in all over the world. They always make lots of great movies every year and people also always like it. Their ways to entertain with their movies has impacted our life without anyone know about. They could fill their films with much moral values or not and certainly, we don’t know about it. So that, the development of movie could give massive effect to our next generation whether it is good or bad.

Movies give good impact to our lives and next generation. Many movies depict someone struggling to get something such as Laskar Pelangi, Bucket List, Kite Runner, Into the Wild, August Rush, Pursuit of Happiness, Seven Pounds, Gridiron Gang, Akeelah And The Bee and many more. They are just some cheap movies because they doesn’t have good movie effect or CGI, but the their makers emphasize at the story and those films can be enjoyed and motivated everyone to do good deeds. Can you imagine if people prefer drama than action movie? Certainly, they will know the moral value and if it is happened continually, I am sure that our next generation will be better, because they have received moral value from movies that they have watched. Beside getting moral value, good movies also tell us lots of knowledge. For example, a movie about rugby. It will explain us about the techniques, strategies, apparatus and many more. By watching that film, we can know about rugby deeper than before.

Movies also give bad impact to our next generation. Drugs, gangs, free sex and lots of crime can be seen in many movies at present. It couldn’t be stopped because people are accustomed to watching them and mostly, liked the movie. One example for movie which contains drugs, free sex, gangs and crime is Crank. A movie which is starred Jason Statham shows drugs, homicide and sex. It can be imagined if people like even are accustomed to movie like that, people will have bad habit like in that movie and it can deprave our next generation morality without anyone knows.

As a conclusion, movie has been developed and gives massive effect to our next generation whether it is good or bad. We as watchers need to be smart in choosing film which we are going to watch. So that, we can watch film that is appropriate to us and we can get much benefits from watching the movie. As a suggestion, we have to minimize the bad effect and maximize the good effect as long as we can. It will be better that movie maker could make movie with lots of moral values and they should classify movie in right classification such as adult movie can’t be watched by people under 18 or 21.

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