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Hi class! Nice to know that most of you have succesfully published your essay on the internet. I hope this is the first step to your blogging experience! =) Whenever you go online, please don’t forget to visit this site for a few minutes. Hopefully you can add your comments to your friends writing, or at least, read the latest post.

Anyway, in response to Paulina’s question on how to insert pictures to your post, I am happy to announce that WordPress.com has already provided us with the solution!

Check the following link:http://support.wordpress.com/images/ to find out how. Oh, I prefer to use the option “Browser Uploader” rather than the “Flash Uploader” as my internet connection is reeeeaaaallly slooooww…. T_T

I hope you find it useful. It can make your writing more interesting too. Keep writing!

I just can’t wait to read your next posts!



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Hello Everybody

Dear students,

Hi! This site is specially created to improve and encourage the English skills, particularly the writing skills, of Short Essay Writing students of English Language Education of Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta.

Students, please post the final version of your essay in this blog. Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge and ideas to the world through this blog, and enjoy the excitement of writing…

Please also give comments on your friend’s work. They have worked as hard as you have, so a little appreciation is very welcomed. Comments can be about your the expression of your feelings after reading their piece of work, or even positive and constructive feedback for their writing. You may even simply gossip in this blog… It’s the freedom of speech that we hold high as the main principle of this blog.

For readers who are not students of the Short Essay Writing I class, your comments on the essays are truly welcomed.We hope you have a good time reading the work of the students…

Happy blogging guys, and enjoy!


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