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In a modern-day, in a metropolitan city, there were a well-off family and an unpretentious family. Their house was built side by side. But, there was a big difference between them. One lived in the luxurious big house and the other one lived in very simple house. The rich family had a daughter, named Jane. The poor family had five children, the oldest one was Mary. Jane and Mary were in the same class. But, Jane never considered Mary as her friends, because Jane felt that Mary was not on a level with her. She came from a rich family, so she became the arrogant one in the class, and she just wanted to make friends with other guys in the same level. It meant that Mary was not one of them.

Jane had a gang. There were Patric, Jelly, Clara, and Finsha. Their obsession was to be the most popular students in the school, so they always tried to shatter any body who wanted to shift their popularity.  In class they often made a noise. They disturbed and objurgated other friends. They became an arrogant gang. One of their enemies was Mary, who was Jane’s neighbor. It was caused of Mary always became the best student in their school. Mary always got the first rank in the school and Jane was the second. Jane tried to defeat Mary, but her effort always failed.  They were jealous to Mary because she was smart, beautifull and modest. The biggest reason was because she was liked by many friends and she could be close to other people, easily.
One day, there would be a selection to be a school’s representative in the speech contest. There were some selections, and finally, there were two students who still existed. They were Jane and Mary. They would follow the final selection next week.
“Hii… poor girl, I’m sure that I will be the winner, and I will be the representative in the speech contest. And I’m also sure that I can be a winner in that contest.” Jane said to Mary when they left the class.  But it did not make Mary afraid of her. She just replied her by smiling. It made Jane became irked.
When the selection day was coming, Jane had got ready to follow the selection. But, at that time, Mary was not coming to the selection day. And finally, the teacher choosen Jane as the representative to the speech contest. After that, Jane was curious about Mary. “Why did not she come to the selection day? What did happen with her?” she thought.
In the canteen, some students sat together and talked about the selection. “I’m sure that Jean will be more arrogant than before because she will be the representative to the speech contest.” said a student to her friends. “I agree that Jane will be more arrogant than before!” another student added. “We would be proud of my friend, Mary. She preferred to help her mother than to follow the contest. We know she has three sisters and one brother. Her father is sick, so she has to help her mother’s job.” Mary’s close friend explained.
“I remember what she said two days ago.” she continued. “What??” other friends became curious. “She told me that she could not follow that contest, because she doesn’t want to become greedy about something.”She explained. “I still do not understand what you mean?” asked the other friend. “She just wanted to give another people an opportunity to get what she or he wanted. In other word, she wanted to give Jane an opportunity to get something that she wanted. Mary thought that Jane wanted to follow the contest. She is sure that Jane can be the winner in that contest. She does not care what Jane has been done to her. She is sure that some day, Jane can change her behavior.”She added.
“Is she sure??” other asked. “I don’t know, but Mary is very sure, she told me that everybody could change to be better, and everybody has a good side in her heart. She believes it.” She explained. Other friends heard the explanation, silently.
Not far from where some students sat, Jane heard their conversation, intuitively. She was plunged in her thought. She remembered what she had done to Mary. She felt guilty to Mary, she had made Mary lost her scolarship some months ago. Whereas, Mary was very needed it, because her father was sick, so now her mother worked alone and she had some brother and sister. “Oh my God…what a evil I am!!”, she realized.
After that, Jane realized her bad behaviour. She regretted about it.” It is right that Mary is a good person. She is never egoistic, and she wants to give me an opportunity to follow the contest.” She thought, “She is proper to be the best student in the school. She also really loves her family, more than herself, because she prefers to help her mother than to follow the contest.”
Now, Jane realized her bad behaviour. She was determined to change it. “And the most important now is I should do my best at the contest.” she thought, “because Mary has given the good opportunity to me, so I must be the winner in that contest. I must show my best in that contest.”.
In the end of the contest, it was the time to announce the winner of the contest. “And the winner is…….. Jane Marriam Smith…” the host announced. All students shouted together because of the victory. After she got appreciation, she talked something about this victory. “ …… And the last but not least, I would like to present it to my friend, who has made me understand about life. Thank you, my friend. Mary, your heart is like an angel, which is full of goodness. You have realized me about my mistakes. I hope that we can be a friend, forever. You give me some lessons in my life. I’m sorry that I’m arrogant, bad, sometimes disturb all of you. So, in this time I want to apologize to all of you. And I will try to be better than before. Thank you all!” she closed. Mary, who saw and heard it, just could smile while carried away with her friend’s words.


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Once upon a time, there was a wonderful and prosperous country, that had never been stricken by both disasters and diseases, named Criummyfield. Far away from Criummyfield there was a wonderful waterfall, behind it there was a place that is called Fairy Field. A place where the fairies –which always helped Criummyfield people with their magical power- lived happily. They were leaded by Queen Greinypearce, a very wise old fairy.
Every three months, those fairies should spread the magical season powder by turns into Criummyfield. Every year there were four fairies that were coroneted as The Season Fairies, they were called Summer Fairy, Autumn Fairy, Winter Fairy, and Spring Fairy. They did their own duty by turns; every season of a year was always begun by spring season as the symbol of a new life for human beings and other creatures.
One day, actually it was two days before the season changing; Queen Greinypearce invited four fairies, who were pointed as the season carriers this year, to gather in the palace ballroom. Those fairies were Shelio-the Summer Fairy, Aufielz-the Autumn Fairy, Winbell-the Winter Fairy, Synella-the Spring Fairy.
“Welcome My Dears, as a leader of the fairies, I will announce you a very important thing about your duty,“ said Queen Greinypearce, “alright, now is your turn Synella, you should spread this magical powder above Criummyfield.“
Synella accepted a little sack of magical season powder from Queen Greinypearce.
“Thank you my Queen, I’ll do my duty as well as I can, I promise. “
“Alright Synella, but guys, you should know about the warning before you do your own duty. “ Those fairies listened what Queen Greinypearce was saying carefully. “Guys,” she continued, “there are two ways to reach Criummyfield’s sky. The first is the longer way, you should fly across Walfy Hill, and it’ll spend much time. Then the second way is through the dangerous forest, Darkstand, you can’t fly above Darkstand, but it is the shorter way. And as you know if you are late only one day, you’ll disorganize the season length. So, please choose your own way. “
This was the day, Synella should fly above Criummyfield in the early morning. She would be accompanied by Denstars, one of Queen Greinypearce’s escorts, just because Synella was too young and sloppy. Before they went to Criummyfield sky, they spreaded the magical invisible powder into their whole bodies, because the fairies had to be invisible to the human. After that, Synella and Denstars flew toward Criummyfield sky; they decided to choose the first way. In the middle way, Denstars was stroke by an arrow from a hunter under the Criummy forest. He was injured and should be brought home. So, Synella brought him back home to Fairy Field.
Synella was very panic, she had spent two days uselessly, she remembered her promise to her Queen, and she shouldn’t be late. Then, she flew away with her golden wings; she decided to choose the second way, although it was very dangerous.
“I must use the rest time well, I shouldn’t be late or I’ll destroy the season,” Synella talked to herself. In front of her sight there was Darkstand, the forest where the evil witches lived. The forest with dark and damp atmospheres, the forest which was never has any light, and the forest of death. But, Synella was a faithful and brave fairy, she had never frightened of every evil things.
Near the Darkstand, she heard a pity voice. A boy shouted from the forest, he looked like need a help, his voice was vague. Synella forgot his duty, deep in her heart she wanted to help that boy, so she flew down into the forest. She flew between the dark branches, her eyes sought yonder, tried to find the unlucky boy. Suddenly, she looked a boy was crying under a very big and full of moss tree. Synella hide behind a tree, she said a magic spells and she changed herself into a human being. Then she approached that boy.
“Hey,” she said hello. That boy was shocked, but suddenly his face turned into a very pleasure face with rosy cheeks.
“Hey,” he replied, “who are you?”
“I am Synella, emm, I come from Criummyfield,” she was lying, “and you?”
“I am John, I come from Criummyfield too. By the way, why do you come here, this forest is very dangerous, isn’t it?”
“Yes, but I lost my way, I want to find many flowers for my mother, she is on her birthday,” Synella tried to be seen as a pity girl.
“Oh, and I also lost my way, I have been playing hide and seek with my friend, but I hide too far away from Criummyfield.”
Synella wanted to save John and helped him to escape from Darkstand. Then they walked to the south side, but it was so dark like a night, they found the blocked way. Unfortunately, Synella had never come to this forest, so she didn’t know the way to escape. They tried the other ways, but those were useless. They got tired, and decided to take a rest under the purple leaves tree. They slept, and the day was changed.
Far away in Criummyfield, the people were confused and cursed the God, why the spring season was late to come. They had been feeling the winter season too long, they couldn’t start the planting time on time. In the Fairy Field, Queen Greinypearce could see what was happening in Criummyfield within her crystal ball, but she couldn’t find where Synella was. She worried that Synella was lost her way in Darkstand, because the crystal ball couldn’t show what happened in Darkstand.
“My escorts, I command you to find Synella! I’ll give you a very powerful magic spells, it will help you to fight with Darkstand witches. Take care My Dear,” Queen Greinypearce let them went away. For about fifty escorts flew away into Darkstand to save Synella and also save the season in Criummyfield.
But, what happened was unpredictable, the witches were very powerful. Some of the escorts died; they were killed by witches’ magic spells. Several of them tried to have a negotiation with the witches.
“The Very Evil Witches in the universe, we come here peacefully, we don’t have any plan to make a fight with you. Our Majesty, Queen Greinypearce asked us to bring one of her fairy back from this wonderful forest,” said the leader of the escorts.
“Ha ha ha… You know, whatever have entered into this Forest of Evil will not be back, they will be foods for our king, Bellzizk,” replied a witch.
“But wait, our Queen Greinypearce has a present to Darkstand if you let Synella go.”
“No!! And I meant it.”
Within Darkstand, Synella and John were still trying to find the way to escape. They were very hungry and thirsty, but nothing could be eating. Every plant was poisonous and had dangerous power. Synella continued thinking about it, she felt that she remembered something, but she didn’t know what it was. Meanwhile, John started grumbling and sometimes crying aloud, he missed his parents and his friends, he felt that he would die.
“Synella, where should we walk anymore? I’ve been tired, I am hungry and thirsty,” said John weakly.
“John, I’ve been trying to find the exit. Please be patient, if you believe you will get what you want,” she said, “Do you believe in God?”
“Yes, I do.”
“So, God will send us an angel or a fairy to save us alive,” she said.
After they walked far away, they sat under the Redabblo tree. Synella had promised John to tell him a story about a brave fairy. John was very interested about that.
“John, well,” she started, “this is the story about a brave fairy named Haraquild; she was a very brave little fairy. One day she played through a damp and dark forest named Cantalloumiya, but she was lost her way. She cried under the most big tree within Cantalloumiya. She didn’t realize that the tree was alive, he could speak and move. The tree acquainted as Manorra, he was a wise and kind tree. Manorra said to Haraquild that he knew the way to escape from Cantalloumiya. Haraquild listened carefully what Manorra was saying. Manorra taught her magic-key-spells, ‘Horanna, Horanna, Pattorrita, Elsmenose, Shodura, Amnoistel, Horanna, Horanna’…” Synella stopped her story, he remembered something.
“John!!!” she shouted, “I know how to escape from this forest.”
John stood; he was looked on fire, his spirit burst out. He wanted to come home as soon as possible.
“How?? How can we do that?”
Synella pulled John’s hand, “Follow me Boy, we should find the highest tree in the heart of this forest.”
Fortunately, they could find the highest tree in Darkstand. They stood under that tree, and then Synella knocked the tree trunk. The tree moved, it woke up, it was alive. The tree had two big eyes, beard in that face and its branches waggled in the air.
“My Dear, why do you wake me up? What can I do for you My Sweetie?” the tree asked loudly, his voice vibrated the whole forest.
“Oh My Majesty, the Great Tree, I am Synella and this is John, my friend. We are lost our way, we wish we can go home soon, but we find that the ways were blocked. So, may you teach us how to escape from here?”
“My Dear, I’ll give you a magic spells, listen and repeat after me,” said the Tree, “but, I have a wish, if you can do that I’ll give you the magic spells.”
Synella nodded her head, “yes, I’ll do what you want.”
“You should give me a precious thing that you have.”
The tree was waiting with his gloomy glance while Synella decided what she should give to the tree.
“Alright, the Great Tree, I’ll give it to you,” Synella gave the tree something that made from gold silk. It was her wings, because of that she couldn’t fly anymore, but she acquiesced her wings to save John.
The tree, which named Gualoppe, taught her to tell the magic spells.
“My Dear, please repeat after me!” he whispered, “Horanna, Horanna, Pattorrita, Elsmenose, Shodura, Amnoistel, Horanna, and Horanna.”
Synella repeated, “Horanna, Horanna, Pattorrita, Elsmenose, Shodura, Amnoistel, Horanna, and Horanna.”
Then there was a bright shine emitted between the trees. It shaped like a way, a very bright way. Synella and John were shocked, they felt joyful.
“That is the way home, My Dear. Go ahead, and you will find your home!” ordered Gualoppe.
“Thank you, the Great Gualoppe. I’ll never forget your help. Gualoppe, can I ask you something?”
“Of course My Sweetie,” replied Gualoppe.
“I’ve ever heard about that magic spells, I remember that my grandma had told the story about Haraquile in Cantalloumiya. And she used the same magic spell like what you whisper to me. Have you ever heard that story?”
Gualoppe smiled, then said, “My Dear, Synella, Haraquile is your grandma name when she was young, and I am Manorra. This forest at that time named Cantalloumiya, but now the people called it Darkstand,” he explained slowly, “Synella, you are a very brave fairy.”
Synella and John left Gualoppe and Darkstand, they walked toward Criummyfield. Suddenly, in the middle way, Synella remembered her magic powder. She stopped to find it, but she got nothing, she thought that she had lost it. She began to cry, she fell guilty, and she failed as a Spring Fairy. She couldn’t do her own duty, she disordered the season. But, she encouraged her heart to go to Criummyfield, brought John back, and saw its condition. Actually, she was very shocked; Criummyfield was in a spring season. Why could it happen?
In front of Criummyfield’s gate, Queen Greinypearce stood to welcome Synella and John, she was in her joy. Synella fell ashamed; she wasn’t brave enough to see her Queen eyes. But, Queen Greinypearce with kindness embraced her and told her pride.
“Synella, I am very proud with you. You are very brave and kind.You have saved John, although you have another duty to do. You are very careful; you concern a small thing that may be another fairy doesn’t do that.”
“My Queen, how can the season be changed? Because I’ve lost the magical powder,” Synella was very confused.
“I’ve seen that you have faced a trouble, and I find your magical powder near Denstars bed, so I ask another fairy to do your duty. It was successful, right?”
After that incident, Synella was presented a gold medal and a pair of new wings. She was very happy, she thanked to all fairies, and also her Grandma. She promised to tell this story to her children and grandchildren. She had learned that every good seeds will result the good things. She would always help others although she should sacrifice her precious things, moreover her life. She is one great example of so many brave heroes in the universe.

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Once upon a time, there lived an old father and his teenage son. They were in a journey to the west side of the country. They brought a donkey with them. It’s for carrying all the things they had, such as food, drink, clothes, etc.
In their way, the son felt so tired. He looked like can’t move anymore. He asked for break to his father. They had their drink and also a little meal. But, the son still can’t continue stepping. Then the father decided to lift him up to the back of the donkey. Then, they continued their journey. As the son rode the donkey, he felt much better.
After a few moments, they met an old woman. She said to the father, “How poor you are, old man. I can see in your face that you’re extremely tired. Your son doesn’t even care about your suffering.” And she also shouted to the son, ”Don’t you feel so sorry to be up there boy? Look at your father! Just get down and let your father up there.” Then, the boy went down and they obeyed all of what the woman said, without any protest.
The father was up then. He substituted his son’s position as the donkey rider. And once again they stepped. They passed some villages and they stopped the journey when there was a beggar asking for some food. They were very sorry looking the poor man. The father, who was closer to the travel bag, looked for someone to share. Soon as he got a loaf of bread, he threw it to his son. “Give it to him, son”, he said. “Yes sir”, his son answered. But, unpredictably, the beggar refused the bread. “So you are the father of this boy? I thought your son was your servant. What kind of father are you? Let your son walk while you are sitting relaxing up there, huh? It made me sick of your bread. I had lost my appetite. You don’t need to pretend like a good man if you can’t be a good father.” The father was so shocked. He couldn’t be angry with the beggar. He just said nothing. He watched the beggar’s word and he had got an idea. The father invited his son to come up the donkey. Both of them now rode the donkey smiling to the next city while the beggar enjoyed his meal from the father and his son.
A few minutes later, they arrived in a cowboy city. Just soon as they came, they heard someone shouting to them angrily. “How mean all of you! How can you ride an old donkey like it? Look at your stuffs. Aren’t they very heavy? Don’t make this poor animal become your slave! Release it!”
Then what happened next? Not only released the old donkey, they also lifted it up along the following journey. The next question is, “Which one is the real donkey?”
Others’ words should be our consideration when we want to do something. But when it is not necessary to do, why don’t we regret them and let them be suggestions only?

Gregorius Adhi Kurniawan

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The Legend of Yellow Flower
(Kemuning Flower)

<p>Once upon a time, there was a king in a big palace. He had five daughters but they lived without the queen because she had dead. All of the daughters are named with colour names. They were Princess Green, Princes Yellow, Princess Red, Princess Blue, and Princess Purple. They always wore clothes and accessories with the colour like their name. The king gave them the colour names because he wanted their daughters make their life being colorful.

<p>Among the entire princesses, Princess Yellow is the cleverest princess. She often helped the palace servants to cook, to clean the palace and to take care the garden. She was a low profil princess. She did not embarrass making friend with the poor. On the other hand, her sisters were lazy and boast persons. They wasted their time just for dressing up and making up them selves. Because of that difference, the four lazy princesses hated Princess Yellow. They always insulted Princess Blue for her cleverness. They said that it was not appropriated if a princess did something like that.

<p>One day the king said to their daughter if he wanted to go to a place which was very far away from the palace for a while. “My beloved daughters, I must go to acroos the city tomorrow”, said the king. “Why do you go to there Dad, is there any problem?” Princess Green asked to the king seriously. “There is no serious problem my daughters. I just need to meet the king of that city. I hope you can take care yourself while I’m going to there,”said the king again. Knowing about that, the four lazy princesses said to their father to bring them jewelries when he went back to the palace, but Princess Yellow did not do as her sisters do. She just said goodbye to her father and prayed for her father safety.
<p>When the king was not in the palace, the four lazy princesses became lazier. They always made the servants busy because of their orders. They just eating, sleeping, playing, and making up them selves. Princess Yellow was different. She was still a clever girl. She often used her time to take care the garden.
<p>A few months later, the king was back. He fulfilled his promise buying jewelries for his daughters. He gave each of them a necklace with the same colour as their name, but there was no yellow jewelry. There was only a green necklace remaining. The king said sorry to Princess Yellow and gave her the remaining green necklace. “Yellow, I’m so sorry because I don’t bring yellow necklace for you. I searched it in all of the shop in the city, but it’s very difficult. So, I just can give you the green one,” said the king regretfully. Yellow Princess replied, “Don’t worry Dad. It’s no problem. I don’t want anything. It makes me happy enough to know that you can arrive at the palace safely.” Princess Yellow said with her beautiful smile.

<p>Princess Green was jealous because the green necklace which was given to Princess Yellow was better than Princes Green‘s necklace. She thought that no one could wear green necklace because green was hers. It made Princess Green angry. Then, she influenced the other princesses to hate Princess Yellow more than before. Moreover, they did not like what Princess Yellow said to their father. Then, the four bad princesses made a plan to take revenge. They wanted to torture Princess Yellow

<p>One night, the four princessses brought Princess Yellow to the garden behind the palace and they tortured Princess yellow until she died. They were very afraid because of that. They were confused about what they will do. Finally, they buried Princess Yellow on that garden. They also buried her green necklace to avoid their father’s suspiciousness. To make the proof disappear, they covered it with leaves. Then, they acted as nothing happened.

<p>The next morning, the king realized if Princess Yellow was not in the palace. He asked to the other princesses but they pretended that they did not know where Princess Yellow was. The king searched Princess Yellow everywhere but he did not find her. The king was very sad because his beloved daughter was lost. The King always looked for his beloved daughter everytime. While the king was worrying and sad about Princess Yellow, the four princesses did not care about what their father felt. They became lazier, and lazier. They thought that their life was more pleasant because Princess Yellow did not exist.
<p>One day, a year after Princess Yellow disappeared, when the king was sitting and thinking about his beloved daughter in the side of the garden, he was surprised with a flower in the middle of the garden. The flower was very beautiful. The leaves were green like Princess Yellow’s necklace. The flower was yellow and fragrance. It made the king remembering Princess Yellow. Then, he named the flower as “yellow flower”.
<p>The king told the four princesses that there was a beautiful flower in the garden. The four princesses were interested with what their father said and they went to the garden seeing the flower. They did not remember if that place was the place where they burried Princess Yellow. “Wow, what a beautiful flower is this!” said Princess Red. “Yes, that’s true! Why don’t we pick the flower to decorate our bedroom?” said Princess Green. “Yeah, it’s a good idea,” all of the princesses agreed. Then, they picked the flower and brought it to their bedroom.
<p>In the morning after that, the four princesses were not appearing at the breakfast time, so the king tried to look for them on their bedroom. The fact was very surprising. The king found the four princesses were dead. He was very sad because he lost all of his daughters. The king didn’t know anything about his daughter. He didn’t know if the four princesses were the killer of Princess Yellow. He also didn’t know if the four princesses dead because of yellow flower’s curse.

<p>After that, the flower still growth beautifully in the palace and accompanied the king until the end of his life. The flower often used for hair treatment and the stalk skin often used for making face powder. Like Princess Yellow, that flower always gave kindness to everyone around her.

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Nimas and Raka

Long ago, in a peaceful side of this country, lived a boy, named Raka, and a girl, named Nimas. Raka and Nimas had been good friends since their childhood. However, there was something that led them to be apart. Nimas and her parents had to move to another town. But they believed someday they would meet again. Nimas said that she would be waiting for that moment. Then, there was Raka, left alone. What a poor boy! Since that moment, Raka and Nimas lost contact.

Many years passed. Like what Nimas said, finally they met again after a few years apart. But, they had changed. Nimas had grown to be a pretty young woman, while Raka a handsome man. Soon, they fell in love each other. Raka always came to Nimas’ house. Nimas’ parents welcomed him well because he was a good young man.

But, the happy moment didn’t happen last long. One day, Nimas’ parents heard a bad news about Raka. Somebody had said to them that Raka’s father was a bad person.

Since that moment, Nimas’ parents disliked him. They were worried that Raka would be just like his father. They warned Raka to stop seeing Nimas. Nimas had to break up with Raka. The young lovers felt that was unfair. Nimas’ parents could not judge Raka that he was a bad boy just because of his father. Raka said that he was not his father. But, they never gave up. They kept on trying to see other, and of course to ensure Nimas’ parents that Raka wasn’t like what they thought.

One day, something terribly bad almost happened to Nimas. The day was already dark. Nimas walked alone on her way home. On the way, three man stopped her and tried to do bad things to her. Nimas screamed, but nobody heard her cry for help. Fortunately, Raka came to help her. He straightly fought those men. He won and Nimas was safe.

After that, Raka took Nimas to her house. In front of her parents, Nimas told what just happened to her, and how bravely Raka just saved her. Nimas’ parents felt grateful and felt sorry for what they had done to Raka.

At the End of story, Nimas’ parents approved of their relationship.

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Yasintha Vita/081214062


Today Tom was very happy. His mother, Mrs. Panie, promised him to make his favourite cake  nut cake. That’s why Tom went home in hurry. With a panting face he entered his house located in the corner of the alley with a high carved iron fence surrounding the house. He then called his mother loudly.
“Mommy……I’m home! Where’s my delicious nut cake you promised?” Tom asked.
“Don’t be hurry Tommy! Wash your hands and change your clothes first before you eat”, said Mrs. Panie from the living room while she continued her embroidery.
After he washed his hands and changed his clothes Tom came to the dining room and ate the cake. He didn’t need to cut the cake because his mother, Mrs. Panie, has cut the cake into slices. In just a minute he had already ate 4 slices from 6 slices of the cake. When he wanted to eat the fifth slice, his mother Mrs. Panie interdicted him. She said that it’s for Mr. Night, Tom’s father. Filled with feel of aversion he turned the cake back into the plate and repeatedly watched the last two slices of the cake. He still didn’t believe that that last two slices of the nut cake didn’t belong to him.
“Poor me…poor me…” said Tom repeatedly in a whispered voice.
“Don’t be childish Tommy! You’ve already ate four slices and you know that greedy isn’t a good attitude. You are eleven already!” said Mrs. Panie.
“But mommy…I saw that we still have a big pan of cake on the refrigerator!” Tom said.
“No..no..no…Tommy! That’s for Grandma Doris and you’re responsible to bring it there”, Mrs. Panie explained.
“ME? No way! Grandma’s house is four blocks far from here. Moreover, Rex will come to see me this evening. So, I will go nowhere!”
“Well…Mrs. Carson, Rex’s mother just phoned 30 minutes ago and said that Rex cannot come here this evening because Carson’s family will have a party tonight. So there’s no reasons for you to refuse your duty”, said Mrs. Panie.
Tom- tom seemed to say something but he couldn’t find the right words to fight back his mother. Fifteen minutes later he’s already on his half way to Grandma Doris’ house  two blocks more and he’ll arrive at Grandma’s house. But the weather was very hot that day; Tom wiped his sweat on his face almost everywhere on his way to Grandma Doris’ house  and he felt so hungry. Suddenly something crossed on his mind to take one slice of the nut cake that he brought. He thought that it wouldn’t be matter if he took one slice only; Grandma Doris will understand it, Tom thought. And it’s true, one delicious slice of nut cake eaten by Tom.
“Hmm…It’s really delicious! I like it very much, nothing can replace its special taste,” Tom said to himself.
One slice had eaten by Tom and 5 slices left. But it seemed that he still felt hungry. He then thought that ate one more slice wouldn’t be a matter. Nevertheless, there’re still 4 slices remain; Grandma Doris wouldn’t be complain if the cake minus two slices. And again Tom ate the second slice.
After he finished ate his second slice of nut cake he continued his trip to Grandma Doris’ house. But not until he entered the fourth block he felt thirsty. He saw an orange juice seller on the side road. He then bought a glass of orange juice, but then he thought that it would be more delicious if there’s a snack accompany the orange juice.
“I wonder if there’s a snack here,” Tom- tom wondered.
“But you already have it kid. I smelled something delicious from your bag. If I’m not mistaken its nut cake, isn’t it?” said the orange juice seller.
“Yeah…you’re right sir. It’s nut cake, a delicious nut cake, my mom made it this morning,” Tom said to the orange juice seller.
Tom then opened up the bag and saw the four slices in it. Something crossed his mind (again) to eat one more slice. And it happened again; Tom ate the third slice of the nut cake which supposed to belong to Grandma Doris.
“There’re still three slices left. It’s enough for Grandma,” murmured Tom.
Feeling that he’s cool enough, Tom continued his trip to Grandma’s house. Fifteen minutes later Tom arrived there. Grandma Doris’ house was the house which painted green and has healthy dense of lilacs in its garden. It made the house filled with the sense of calmness and chilly.
Tom knocked the big front door made of wood. No need to wait too long Grandma Doris opened the big wooden door.
“Hello Tommy…! What matter brings you here? Come on go inside,” Grandma Doris invited Tom to enter her house.
Grandma Doris has a big beautiful old Victorian house  too big for an old woman who lived alone. There’re also many big unorganized rooms in the house, Grandma Doris’ too old and weary to cleaned every rooms in her house. Tom- tom and Grandma Doris entered one room which was the cleanest room among the others; it’s the living room.
“So, what is this Tommy?” Grandma Doris asked.
“Mommy made this morning,” Tom opened the bag and gave the last three slices of nut cake to Grandma Doris.
“Thank you Tommy, you’re really a good boy. I will put it in the refrigerator,” she take the cake box and walked out the living room.
A while later Grandma Doris came back to the living room brought a glass of lemon tea and a slice of nut cake on a small tray. She then gave it to Tom. He thought he was so lucky that day. He had eaten four slices at his home, three slices at the road, and now Grandma Doris gave him one more slice. And the more important was that Grandma Doris didn’t know it  that he had eaten three slices of her nut cake on the road before. Without any doubt Tom took the cake and ate it. After Tom finished ate the cake and had a short conversation with Grandma Doris, he said goodbye to Grandma Doris and went to home.
When he arrived at home his mother, Mrs. Panie, had prepared a dinner. She then demanded Tom to take a bath and had a dinner with her and his father, Mr. Night. Tom brought about what his mother said. He went upstairs and took a bath. But a half hour later Tom didn’t showed up in the dining room. His mother, Mrs. Panie, wondered what take her son so long. She then went upstairs to Tom’s room, asked what happen with him.
“What’s the matter Tommy? You’ve been in the bathroom for almost thirty minutes,” Mrs. Panie asked.
“I don’t know mom. It’s like that I’ve got a stomach-ache,” said Tom in a moaned sound.
“Wait here I’ll take a medicine for you,” said Mrs. Panie.
Mrs. Panie went downstairs to the dining room. She then opened a drawer beside a big storage cupboard and took a stomach-ache medicine from there. She was walking through the dining room when her husband, Mr. Night, asked her what happen with Tom.
“The nut cake  Tommy got a stomach-ache,” Mrs. Panie answered in hurry.
Didn’t want to hold her wife longer Mr. Night nodded his head indicated an understanding. Mrs. Panie then went upstairs again to her son’s room. She ordered Tom to drink the medicine.
“What’s happen exactly Tommy?” asked Mrs. Panie.
Tom drank his mineral water and answered, “I don’t know mom. I just felt bad in my stomach and I couldn’t stop to go to the toilet. That’s it.”
“Don’t lie to your mother Tommy. Tell me the truth,” demanded Mrs. Panie to Tom.
“What else? I’ve said the truth mom!”
“Ok…ok. I’ll say a confession. I ate four slices of nut cake which supposed to be given to Grandma Doris,” said Tom.
“So, you’re eaten more than your part Tommy? Greedy isn’t a good attitude my dear. I’ve told you, remember? It always brings bad things in your life,” advised Mrs. Panie.

Yasintha Vita Wahyuningsih

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The Cursed of Roro Jonggrang

A million years ago, there was a kingdom in Djogjakarta Island, in the south part of Central Java. The kingdom’s name was Mojolegi. The kingdom was very famous because the fertile land made the people become rich. This kingdom was headed by a queen. Her name was Roro Jonggrang. She was also popular because her beauty. Many people said that Roro Jonggrang was prettier than Cleopatra (the queen of Egypt kingdom) and Madam Omaswati (the queen from Betawi kingdom). The secret of Roro Jonggrang’s beauty was she always had a “mud treatment” in Sidoarjo kingdom. She also kept her slim body with unique ways, such as swam to the bottom of South Ocean and met her old friend, Nyi Roro Kidul, sometimes she drank “Jamu” in Sidomuncul kingdom. Roro Jonggrang was very smart and responsible queen. She could lead her proletars with kindness and firm attitude. All people gave their respect to her. She also had supernatural power and no one could beat her. Her kingdom lived in prosperity and peacefulness.

One day, Roro Jonggrang arranged a contest to get a husband because she hadn’t married. Many people suggested her to follow “Take Me Out” programme in Jakarta kingdom but she refused that suggestion.
“Quenn Roro, why don’t you follow the “Take Me Out” programme? That programme is interesting for you,” her servant said.
“Yes, especially the host, Choky Si Louhan. He is very handsome and I think you like it, “her sister said.
“Oh dear.. I’m a queen and what the people are saying if they see me on that show?” Roro asked.
Then, she said,” That show only for desperate women, I believe I can get a husband from my contest.”
“Fine, we trust to you,” her sister said.

Suddenly there was a man coming to Roro. He came from Bandung kingdom in West Java. His name was Bandung Bondowoso Mangkuwanitolimo. He heard about Roro Jonggrang’s contest and decided to follow that contest because he was the fans of Roro Jonggrang.
“Roro Jonggrang, the beautiful queen, let me introduce myself, my name is Bandung Bondowoso Mangkuwanitolimo, you can call me Bandung,” he said.
“Bandung, where do you come from?” Roro asked.
“Ok, for your information, I’m a king from Bandung kingdom in West Java. I heard about your contest and I decided to follow because I’m your fans. You are very beautiful and kind, I love independent woman like you,” Bandung said.
“Hihihi.. You make me shy,” Roro laughed.
Roro Jonggrang fell in love at first sight with Bandung. Bandung was handsome like Brad Pitt, Roro’s favourite actors. Bandung was also kind and humble. They decided to married, but before that Roro had a request. Roro asked Bandung to build a great mall in her kingdom.
“Darling.. I will request something,” Roro said.
“What is your request Honey?” Bandung asked.
“I want you to build a great mall in my kingdom because I love shopping and I want the mall’s name is Cinta Mall or Cimall, “she said.
Bandung said that it was very impossible to be real and he offered to build a thousand temples for their marriage place. Roro Jonggrang agreed with Bandung idea and then they were married in their thousand temples, Prambanan.

Three years later, Roro realized that her husband was a “playboy” or heartbreaker. Bandung always tempted many women include Roro’s servant. Roro was angry with her husband behavior. She told Bandung that she hated Bandung behavior.
“Bandung, my servant told me that you always tempt her. I also ever saw you tempt other women in the park. It’s annoying and I hate your behavior,” Roro said.
Then, Bandung became angry and said that he wanted to have many wives or polygamy.

“Oh..Okay! You make me angry! I love my habit and one thing you should know, I want to have many beautiful wives! Hahahaha..,” Bandung said.
“Do you mean polygamy?” his wife asked.
“Of course, are you ready? Hahahaha,” Bandung said.
Roro surprised with Bandung’s statement and refused Bandung’s request. Roro said that she never allowed her husband to have wife again. Roro thought that polygamy would made her into hurt and she felt still sexy enough for Bandung.
“No! I will never give you permission to polygamy, it makes me hurt and I feel that I’m still sexy for you, sexier than Julia Perez or another queen,” Roro asked.
They were in dispute then, Bandung changed Roro becomes a statue to complete the interior in Prambanan temple. So, no one could against Bandung if he got wife again.
“Roro Jonggrang! You make me angry! I will change you to be a statue, to complete the interior of Prambanan temple. It’s cheaper than buy another interior stuffs and I can use my money to polygamy! Huahahaha,” Bandung said.
Bandung point his hand to Roro’s body and he said, “Tang..Ting..Teng..Tong..Tung, with the moon’s power, you become a statue! Hiaaaaa!”

BAndungRORO afterRoro became a statue but she still had her supernatural power. She cursed Bandung as a statue too but, the statue was very ugly so, no one cared with his statue. The name of Bandung statue was Arca Gupala. Roro put him in front of the temple door; the function was to protect Roro and the temple. Roro also made an oath; she said that when a couple came to her temple they would be break because Roro had a grudge with love and relationship.

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