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Once upon a time, there was an old woman that lived alone in a village for along time. She did everything that she had to do by herself. It made her felt lonely and sad. Not long afterward, she heard some people said about a Witch that could help her. The old woman then decided to meet the Witch and hoped that the witch could help her.

“I wish I can have a little girl to accompany me. Can you tell me what I should do?” asked the old woman.

“Oh, it’s very easy for me. I will give you a seed. It is not like other seed, but I can’t tell you the secret of this seed. Just bring it home, plant it and see what will happen,” whispered the Witch.  

Then the old woman went home and planted this seed in a flowerpot. She took care of this plant until it growth to a beautiful large flower. That flower looked like a tulip with red and yellow petals, but the petals were still closed. The old woman amazed with that flower and then she kissed it. Suddenly, the petals of that flower were opened. The old woman was surprised because she saw something inside the flower. There was a little girl that the size was no longer or bigger than a thumb of a woman. Because her size, the old woman called the little girl ‘Thumbelina’. 

The old woman was very happy because in that time she had Thumbelina. The old woman took care of Thumbelina very much. Thumbelina was happy too. She often sang in the kitchen where the old woman there. Her sound was very smooth and beautiful. It made the old woman happy and not felt lonely like she had felt before. When the night came, Thumbelina slept in a bed that made of peanut.
One day, a frog heard Thumbelina’s voice when Thumbelina was singing. The frog was interested in her voice. So, the frog jumped to the window and kidnapped Thumbelina to the frog’s house. 

“You will be a beautiful wife for my son,” said the frog. 

Deep down inside, Thumbelina didn’t want to be the wife of frog’s son because the frog was very ugly. But she didn’t know how to go from that place. The frog left Thumbelina on an orchid flower and went to look for his son. There were some fishes that accompanied Thumbelina. Thumbelina told them what she felt. Then that fishes helped Thumbelina by biting the leave so it could follow the air-stream. And Thumbelina succeed go from the frog.

When she followed the air-stream, she saw a beautiful butterfly. The butterfly brought Thumbelina to the forest where the butterfly lived. Thumbelina was very happy lived at that place. She ate the fruits and played with other butterflies. But when winter came, Thumbelina was confused. She couldn’t eat because there was no fruit. She also confused because her friends, butterflies, was disappear.

The next day, Thumbelina met a mouse and that mouse became Thumbelina’s friend. After that, Thumbelina lived at the mouse’s house. The mouse suggested Thumbelina to marry with his friend, field mouse. Thumbelina didn’t want to marry with field mouse because she couldn’t live under the field that was no warm of the sun. She didn’t want to marry with him although Thumbelina need to save from the snow.

One day, on the way to mouse’s house, Thumbelina met a swallow that was scattered on the snow. The swallow looked like felt very cold, so Thumbelina covered the swallow with some leaves. After that day, during the winter season, Thumbelina and the swallow often played together. Then Thumbelina realized that the swallow loved place that warm like Thumbelina. When summer came, the swallow got well and ready to fly again. The swallow asked Thumbelina to go with him. 

“I’ll go to a place that is warmer and far from here. Follow me, I will bring you to that place that you must be like”, said the swallow.

After that, Thumbelina fly with the swallow to a country that far away from that place. That country was full of flower. There were many small people like Thumbelina. 

“You are same with us. We are flower people and we will call you Maia”.

Maia was happy with her new name. Finally, she lived in that place and met a handsome prince in that country. They loved each other. She married with that prince and then lived happily in that place.

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The Chronicles of Mammamia:
The Chicken, The Witch, and The Kitchen

This is another tale about how witches once ruled our world. Not like other knights with their shining armor, not like other kings with their battalions, but the witches with only their magic wand, once ruled the world. Unfortunately, this is not a tale about those witches. This is a tale about the witch who cooked. And like other tales, I’ll begin with once upon a time.

Once upon a time, there was a witch with her magic wand named Jadis. She was different from other witches. When all witches used their wands to slash people or to beat their enemies, Jadis used her wand to cook. Even she had a restaurant in her house called Kentucky Witch Chicken. Her restaurant won the heart of everybody. Every time people came and ate there, they would not stop saying. ”Mammamia, mammamia, mammamia…”.

Soon, all the people and the witches knew about her restaurant. The witches decided to come there. “Please, Jadis, show us what you got!”, said one of them. “Of course, your majesty, I’ll give the best of all.”, said Jadis. So Jadis tried to satisfy those witches. She cooked with all of her heart. Finally she put the chicken in front of those witches. All of them looked at the goldish chicken. One of them tried it. Jadis was waiting for the words “Mammamia, mammamia, mammamia” coming from their mouth. But suddenly, “Shame, shame, shame!” said the one who tried. “Do you call it as a food? It tastes like the dead body I’ve slashed in the battle!” All the witches then screamed, “Shame, shame, shame!”. Jadis could not understand why it happened. She put a lot of efforts in making the meals. “But, your honor, it can’t be happening. The chicken I’ve cooked in my kitchen would always be delicious.” Jadis tried to defend herself.

“Lie! I knew you did it on purpose. We came here to try your best meal, but you gave us nothing but rubbish!” said another witch with beard. “That’s a slander!” Jadis replied. “I’ve always cooked the best way I could.”
Everybody in that restaurant was silent and watched the quarrel. Another witch bit a piece of the chicken and spitted it out again. “Gee, are you trying to kill us by giving us this wicked meal?” Jadis was puzzled. She didn’t mean to do that. Never!

“Go taste it yourself!” They screamed loudly. And so she did. She surprised and then smiled, for nothing wrong with the chicken. It was perfect, indeed.

“Well gentlemen, I’ve tasted it myself and nothing seems go wrong with the meal I had cooked before.” Jadis took his magic wand. “Come, gentlemen, follow me to my kitchen.” she said. If you imagine that it was a shining kitchen, you are wrong, for the kitchen was full of chickens. They were all such nightmare. Running here and there, to and fro.

“The reason why you cannot taste the deliciousness of my meal is that, I haven’t used my charm yet.” Jadis said smiling. When all the witches were gawked, she wound her wand up and said,”Mammamia!”. Greeny smoke filled up the air and disappeared slowly as a snail. The witches opened their eyes and suddenly smiled at each other. And like other men, they walked out that restaurant and said,”Mammamia, mammamia, mammamia!” all the way.

There, inside her kitchen, Jadis stood still and grinned. “How fool they are.” Her magic wand said to her. Jadis looked at her wand and said,” How genius we are.”

the chicken

the witch







the kitchen

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Once upon a tine there lived a poor woman and her son named Jack. The woman had suffered from fever and Jack did no work. So that the widow asked to her son to sell their cow. “You must go to sell the cow son !” said her. When he went to market, he met a butcher who had some contraption beans. He bought it and brought them home thinking to surprised his mother. Arrived at home he told his moher that he bought some beans. His mother became very angry and shed many tears. Their last hope seemed gone.
Next morning Jack went to the garden. He took some beans and put it to the ground. Next two days Jack went to the garden again. He looked happy because some of beans had taken root and growing up surprisingly. Directly he climbed the beanstalk. But he went down again. He tought he had better consult his mother first. He called his mother. After looked at that his mother was amazed. Jack instanly climbed again on the ladder. The cottage, the village and all the tall tower looked quite little. Although still he couldn’t see the top of the beanstalk. Jack at last reached the top of the beanstalk and found a beautiful country on it. Not far from his place, stood a fine strong castle. While Jack was standing looking at the castle, a strange woman came out towards him. Jack talked to her and pointed to the castle and said,”Is this your house ?”. “No”, said the old lady. “I’ll tell you the story of that castle”, she said again. Then she told the story of the castle to him. She said that the castle was once his father’s and must be him. “You have to win it back for your mother,” She said loudly. But it was very difficult. Jack must get into the castle and iff possible possess himself of a hen that lays golden eggs and the giant possess was him. The lady suddently disappeared.
Then he blew the horn which hung at the castle portal. Two frightful giantess openend the door. They have one great eye in the midle of their forehead. As soon as Jack went out to escape, but they caught and dragged him into the castle. Then one of the giants said,”You shall be my boy and shan’t let you go again”. Jack was very frightened but he struggled to be brave. The giant asked him to hide her from her husband. If Jack awakened her husband, her husband will have eaten him and her. She opened the wardrobe and said'”Sent him on it !”. When he walked for breakfast Jack put half a fowl at a time into his mouth. So that the supper has gone. When the supper has ended he bade his wife bring him his hen that laid golden eggs. She asked to hen to laid a golden egg. The hen laid again and again. Now Jack was so sure that the hen was that of the fairy had spoken.
The giant was fast sleep because waited for the hen to laid the golden eggs. Jack hurried crapt out and stole the hen. He brought home the hen and told his adventures to his mother. Next day Jack come back to the castle but the giant didn’t remembered him. He saw gold coins on the table. Then he took the gold coins on the table and taking up the bags to home. He told again about how he stolen the money from the giant. Next one day he climbed the beanstalk to stole again. But the giant finnaly knew that Jack was stolen her hen and the gold coins. Jack afraid and hurried down and chopped the beanstalk. The beanstalk was trumbled and so did the giant. So that Jack and his mother were never poor again beacuse they have a hen who laid gold eggs and have much gold coins.

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Once upon a time, there was a wonderful and prosperous country, that had never been stricken by both disasters and diseases, named Criummyfield. Far away from Criummyfield there was a wonderful waterfall, behind it there was a place that is called Fairy Field. A place where the fairies –which always helped Criummyfield people with their magical power- lived happily. They were leaded by Queen Greinypearce, a very wise old fairy.
Every three months, those fairies should spread the magical season powder by turns into Criummyfield. Every year there were four fairies that were coroneted as The Season Fairies, they were called Summer Fairy, Autumn Fairy, Winter Fairy, and Spring Fairy. They did their own duty by turns; every season of a year was always begun by spring season as the symbol of a new life for human beings and other creatures.
One day, actually it was two days before the season changing; Queen Greinypearce invited four fairies, who were pointed as the season carriers this year, to gather in the palace ballroom. Those fairies were Shelio-the Summer Fairy, Aufielz-the Autumn Fairy, Winbell-the Winter Fairy, Synella-the Spring Fairy.
“Welcome My Dears, as a leader of the fairies, I will announce you a very important thing about your duty,“ said Queen Greinypearce, “alright, now is your turn Synella, you should spread this magical powder above Criummyfield.“
Synella accepted a little sack of magical season powder from Queen Greinypearce.
“Thank you my Queen, I’ll do my duty as well as I can, I promise. “
“Alright Synella, but guys, you should know about the warning before you do your own duty. “ Those fairies listened what Queen Greinypearce was saying carefully. “Guys,” she continued, “there are two ways to reach Criummyfield’s sky. The first is the longer way, you should fly across Walfy Hill, and it’ll spend much time. Then the second way is through the dangerous forest, Darkstand, you can’t fly above Darkstand, but it is the shorter way. And as you know if you are late only one day, you’ll disorganize the season length. So, please choose your own way. “
This was the day, Synella should fly above Criummyfield in the early morning. She would be accompanied by Denstars, one of Queen Greinypearce’s escorts, just because Synella was too young and sloppy. Before they went to Criummyfield sky, they spreaded the magical invisible powder into their whole bodies, because the fairies had to be invisible to the human. After that, Synella and Denstars flew toward Criummyfield sky; they decided to choose the first way. In the middle way, Denstars was stroke by an arrow from a hunter under the Criummy forest. He was injured and should be brought home. So, Synella brought him back home to Fairy Field.
Synella was very panic, she had spent two days uselessly, she remembered her promise to her Queen, and she shouldn’t be late. Then, she flew away with her golden wings; she decided to choose the second way, although it was very dangerous.
“I must use the rest time well, I shouldn’t be late or I’ll destroy the season,” Synella talked to herself. In front of her sight there was Darkstand, the forest where the evil witches lived. The forest with dark and damp atmospheres, the forest which was never has any light, and the forest of death. But, Synella was a faithful and brave fairy, she had never frightened of every evil things.
Near the Darkstand, she heard a pity voice. A boy shouted from the forest, he looked like need a help, his voice was vague. Synella forgot his duty, deep in her heart she wanted to help that boy, so she flew down into the forest. She flew between the dark branches, her eyes sought yonder, tried to find the unlucky boy. Suddenly, she looked a boy was crying under a very big and full of moss tree. Synella hide behind a tree, she said a magic spells and she changed herself into a human being. Then she approached that boy.
“Hey,” she said hello. That boy was shocked, but suddenly his face turned into a very pleasure face with rosy cheeks.
“Hey,” he replied, “who are you?”
“I am Synella, emm, I come from Criummyfield,” she was lying, “and you?”
“I am John, I come from Criummyfield too. By the way, why do you come here, this forest is very dangerous, isn’t it?”
“Yes, but I lost my way, I want to find many flowers for my mother, she is on her birthday,” Synella tried to be seen as a pity girl.
“Oh, and I also lost my way, I have been playing hide and seek with my friend, but I hide too far away from Criummyfield.”
Synella wanted to save John and helped him to escape from Darkstand. Then they walked to the south side, but it was so dark like a night, they found the blocked way. Unfortunately, Synella had never come to this forest, so she didn’t know the way to escape. They tried the other ways, but those were useless. They got tired, and decided to take a rest under the purple leaves tree. They slept, and the day was changed.
Far away in Criummyfield, the people were confused and cursed the God, why the spring season was late to come. They had been feeling the winter season too long, they couldn’t start the planting time on time. In the Fairy Field, Queen Greinypearce could see what was happening in Criummyfield within her crystal ball, but she couldn’t find where Synella was. She worried that Synella was lost her way in Darkstand, because the crystal ball couldn’t show what happened in Darkstand.
“My escorts, I command you to find Synella! I’ll give you a very powerful magic spells, it will help you to fight with Darkstand witches. Take care My Dear,” Queen Greinypearce let them went away. For about fifty escorts flew away into Darkstand to save Synella and also save the season in Criummyfield.
But, what happened was unpredictable, the witches were very powerful. Some of the escorts died; they were killed by witches’ magic spells. Several of them tried to have a negotiation with the witches.
“The Very Evil Witches in the universe, we come here peacefully, we don’t have any plan to make a fight with you. Our Majesty, Queen Greinypearce asked us to bring one of her fairy back from this wonderful forest,” said the leader of the escorts.
“Ha ha ha… You know, whatever have entered into this Forest of Evil will not be back, they will be foods for our king, Bellzizk,” replied a witch.
“But wait, our Queen Greinypearce has a present to Darkstand if you let Synella go.”
“No!! And I meant it.”
Within Darkstand, Synella and John were still trying to find the way to escape. They were very hungry and thirsty, but nothing could be eating. Every plant was poisonous and had dangerous power. Synella continued thinking about it, she felt that she remembered something, but she didn’t know what it was. Meanwhile, John started grumbling and sometimes crying aloud, he missed his parents and his friends, he felt that he would die.
“Synella, where should we walk anymore? I’ve been tired, I am hungry and thirsty,” said John weakly.
“John, I’ve been trying to find the exit. Please be patient, if you believe you will get what you want,” she said, “Do you believe in God?”
“Yes, I do.”
“So, God will send us an angel or a fairy to save us alive,” she said.
After they walked far away, they sat under the Redabblo tree. Synella had promised John to tell him a story about a brave fairy. John was very interested about that.
“John, well,” she started, “this is the story about a brave fairy named Haraquild; she was a very brave little fairy. One day she played through a damp and dark forest named Cantalloumiya, but she was lost her way. She cried under the most big tree within Cantalloumiya. She didn’t realize that the tree was alive, he could speak and move. The tree acquainted as Manorra, he was a wise and kind tree. Manorra said to Haraquild that he knew the way to escape from Cantalloumiya. Haraquild listened carefully what Manorra was saying. Manorra taught her magic-key-spells, ‘Horanna, Horanna, Pattorrita, Elsmenose, Shodura, Amnoistel, Horanna, Horanna’…” Synella stopped her story, he remembered something.
“John!!!” she shouted, “I know how to escape from this forest.”
John stood; he was looked on fire, his spirit burst out. He wanted to come home as soon as possible.
“How?? How can we do that?”
Synella pulled John’s hand, “Follow me Boy, we should find the highest tree in the heart of this forest.”
Fortunately, they could find the highest tree in Darkstand. They stood under that tree, and then Synella knocked the tree trunk. The tree moved, it woke up, it was alive. The tree had two big eyes, beard in that face and its branches waggled in the air.
“My Dear, why do you wake me up? What can I do for you My Sweetie?” the tree asked loudly, his voice vibrated the whole forest.
“Oh My Majesty, the Great Tree, I am Synella and this is John, my friend. We are lost our way, we wish we can go home soon, but we find that the ways were blocked. So, may you teach us how to escape from here?”
“My Dear, I’ll give you a magic spells, listen and repeat after me,” said the Tree, “but, I have a wish, if you can do that I’ll give you the magic spells.”
Synella nodded her head, “yes, I’ll do what you want.”
“You should give me a precious thing that you have.”
The tree was waiting with his gloomy glance while Synella decided what she should give to the tree.
“Alright, the Great Tree, I’ll give it to you,” Synella gave the tree something that made from gold silk. It was her wings, because of that she couldn’t fly anymore, but she acquiesced her wings to save John.
The tree, which named Gualoppe, taught her to tell the magic spells.
“My Dear, please repeat after me!” he whispered, “Horanna, Horanna, Pattorrita, Elsmenose, Shodura, Amnoistel, Horanna, and Horanna.”
Synella repeated, “Horanna, Horanna, Pattorrita, Elsmenose, Shodura, Amnoistel, Horanna, and Horanna.”
Then there was a bright shine emitted between the trees. It shaped like a way, a very bright way. Synella and John were shocked, they felt joyful.
“That is the way home, My Dear. Go ahead, and you will find your home!” ordered Gualoppe.
“Thank you, the Great Gualoppe. I’ll never forget your help. Gualoppe, can I ask you something?”
“Of course My Sweetie,” replied Gualoppe.
“I’ve ever heard about that magic spells, I remember that my grandma had told the story about Haraquile in Cantalloumiya. And she used the same magic spell like what you whisper to me. Have you ever heard that story?”
Gualoppe smiled, then said, “My Dear, Synella, Haraquile is your grandma name when she was young, and I am Manorra. This forest at that time named Cantalloumiya, but now the people called it Darkstand,” he explained slowly, “Synella, you are a very brave fairy.”
Synella and John left Gualoppe and Darkstand, they walked toward Criummyfield. Suddenly, in the middle way, Synella remembered her magic powder. She stopped to find it, but she got nothing, she thought that she had lost it. She began to cry, she fell guilty, and she failed as a Spring Fairy. She couldn’t do her own duty, she disordered the season. But, she encouraged her heart to go to Criummyfield, brought John back, and saw its condition. Actually, she was very shocked; Criummyfield was in a spring season. Why could it happen?
In front of Criummyfield’s gate, Queen Greinypearce stood to welcome Synella and John, she was in her joy. Synella fell ashamed; she wasn’t brave enough to see her Queen eyes. But, Queen Greinypearce with kindness embraced her and told her pride.
“Synella, I am very proud with you. You are very brave and kind.You have saved John, although you have another duty to do. You are very careful; you concern a small thing that may be another fairy doesn’t do that.”
“My Queen, how can the season be changed? Because I’ve lost the magical powder,” Synella was very confused.
“I’ve seen that you have faced a trouble, and I find your magical powder near Denstars bed, so I ask another fairy to do your duty. It was successful, right?”
After that incident, Synella was presented a gold medal and a pair of new wings. She was very happy, she thanked to all fairies, and also her Grandma. She promised to tell this story to her children and grandchildren. She had learned that every good seeds will result the good things. She would always help others although she should sacrifice her precious things, moreover her life. She is one great example of so many brave heroes in the universe.

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Sister Complex

Mercy and Dave grew up together in a small family which was full of happiness. Their parents loved them very much. Mercy was 3 years old younger than Dave. They are always together in everywhere and every time. Dave was a good brother. He always helped Mercy if she was in difficulties. Moreover, he would sacrifice himself to protect his sister when she was in a dangerous situation. When they were in elementary school, Mercy was chased by a fierce dog. She was frightened. She screamed then Dave came to help her. Unfortunately, he got hurt by the dog’s bite. Dave loved his sister very much. He didn’t want anyone wounded her. It was better if he got hurt because of her than his sister did.

Mercy was 18 years old. She studied in the same university with Dave. She was a new student, so she had to follow the campus orientation. Many senior mistreated all of new students as a mental test. In the first day, mercy went home with pale face and dirty clothes. It made Dave very angry. In the next day, he scolded the seniors because they mistreated his sister. All of the seniors were frightened and promised not to mistreat Mercy anymore. Mercy was given good treatment as a special right by the seniors. But, she felt uncomfortable because a lot of the students became jealous of her. However, she knew that his brother worried about her.

After that day, Mercy studied in peace. No one could disturb her because Dave always with her. Just like before, they always departed and went home together. If Mercy had classes until afternoon, Dave would wait for her. He protected his sister well.

One day, Mercy told her brother that she had a boyfriend. Dave felt something strange came into his heart. It was poignant. But, he didn’t tell to his sister because he didn’t really understand what kind of feeling in his heart. He didn’t want to lose his sister. He didn’t believe in others. He thought that there is no appropriate person to protect mercy, except him. He saw that his sister was very happy because of her boyfriend. Actually, he didn’t want to crush Mercy’s happiness. Then, he calmed his feeling down. But, he wouldn’t forgive Mercy’s boyfriend if he made his sister hurt.

On Saturday night, Dave went to a cafe to have a dinner with his friends. He left Mercy home because she wanted to go with Adam, her boyfriend. In the café, he felt something wrong happened. He seemed to see Adam with a girl which was not his sister. Then, he came to Adam. It was true that she wasn’t Mercy. It was impossible that she was not Adam’s girlfriend because he treated her very close. Adam was surprised. Spontaneously, Dave hit Adam and left him without any sound. He went home with shattered feeling. He knew, it would also happen if Mercy knew about this affair.

At home, Dave found his sister was crying because of Adam’s absence. Then, he hugged his sister affectionately. He told to her about the affair that had just happened carefully. He worried Mercy didn’t believe him. Fortunately, his sister stopped crying and thanked to him. A few minutes later, Mercy slept in Dave’s shoulder because she was very tired. Both of them didn’t know there were two persons, their parents, paid attention through the door space. Their parents worried if their fright happened. Dave and Mercy were falling in love.

In the next day, Mr and Mrs.Thomson decided to ask Dave whether he loved Mercy or not. In this case, their mean was love between a male and a female, not love between brother and sister. Dave didn’t understand about his parents’ meaning. But, he tried to answer honestly. First, he thought that he loved his sister very much but his feeling began to change. He was jealous if a boy loved a girl. It was because in fact, Mercy was his sister. How can he love his sister? Then, Mr.Thomson began to tell about the true story. He told that mercy was not their daughter. She was adopted from a poor family in a small village far away from their home town. Unconsciously, Mercy had been listening to their conversation near them. She was surprised and shocked. Then, she ran away from her house with tears flow from her eyes. Dave tried to find her, but he couldn’t. Their parents were guilty about that. All of them tried to find Mercy until night came, but they couldn’t. They were worried about Mercy’s condition.

At night, Mercy went back home after she calmned her mind down. Mrs.Thomson hugged her warmly. She apologized because of the lie. Mercy also apologized because she made them worried. After the situation became better, Mercy asked her mother about her true parents’ identity and address. She wanted to meet them. First, Mrs.Thomson didn’t want to give the information. She didn’t want Mercy left them again. But, then she did. She could understand about Mercy’s feeling. Mercy promised that she won’t leave them. She only wanted to tell her true parents that she was their daughter.

In Mercy’s room, Dave met his sister. He sat near Mercy in the bed. “I love you”, he said carefully. Actually, he was scared to tell about his feeling. He thought that Mercy would be angry. But, the fact was the opposite. Mercy’s reaction was out of his prediction. She looked at Dave’s eyes and said slowly but sure, “I love you too”. Spontaneously, they was hugged each other. The situation was full of warmth. Actually, Mercy loved Dave like he loved her so much. But, she thought that was impossible. Then, they knew the fact that they were not true brother and sister. So, Dave was not a sister complex sufferer. They thought that no one could understand each other except themselves. Their parents were happy to know that their children grew up being mature persons and loved each other. So, they would be together until the end of time as a family as before.

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Jack The River

It was in London, unknown where the exactly time and where exactly the place was. There was a couple who live in happiness. They were new married couple in that town. They were new comers. The husband worked as a surgeon. His lovely wife worked as a housewife. When the husband got home after worked all day long he brought his wife a rose.

This is my good and lovely wife,” he said.

In that time situation in London was really anxious. It was really hard to life so to make their own still alive, many girls became harlots. Of course, “Jack” (his name after he killed some harlots, and people In London gave him this title) and his wife felt the same difficulties. Jack really loved his life; he didn’t want his wife became a harlot.

I will never let you become one of them, Darling,” said Jack.

His wife smiling and said, “Yes, Honey.”

But the situation compel this bad thing happened. Finally, his wife became a harlot.

Mother fucker, I can take this,” said Jack.

He became frustrated, he was not crazy. But something happened with his mind. He had personal grudge with all of harlots. Starting at that time, people in London were surprised when they found a woman died in bad shape. All of her intestines were not in her stomach, but beside her body. Her nose was cut too. But, it was not like other mutilation where the pieces were not tidy. In this case every pieces of woman part was very tidy, just like someone very good at operation. Several days later, people found again a dead body under one of the bridge; her body was still warm that was meant this happened recently. The tragedy happened near to the crowd there, but no one realized if there was mutilation. But, one of the people there then realized that. The woman was killed. Before their found her corpse, one of the people saw that she went out with a big guy with a pointed nose.

That man really tall, his face looks so cruel when he looked at me,” said one of the people.

The next day, the people in London found the same things. London police got something unusual just like the executor wanted to challenge all of them to catch him. The executor sent several parts body of the victims to the police station.

We cannot catch the man at this time, this guy is too smart,” said one of the police.

He made the police looked stupid. The police then found out the information of this man, but they still got nothing. There were the same thing in this case, everyone who were killed they all were harlots. All of the victims were women. Until now, no one can catch him. They can find out who the awesome killer was. He was the legend, not because killed some of people, but because the way he killed them and never left any proof. There was a rumor if the real identity of this killer was Israel person. Now, the people gave him a title, people called him “JACK THE RIVER.”

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Long time ago, some animals looked very different to the way they look now. Kangaroo did not have tail and wombat had a high and round head. Mirram, the kangaroo and Warreen the wombat were good friends. They lived together in a hut that had been built by Warreen from tree barks. They were always together, but Mirram liked to sleep outside at night and made fun of Warreen, who always wanted to sleep inside.

“Come on Warreen, sleep outside with me. It’s better to sleep outside under the bright stars” said Mirram

“Although the stars are bright, it’s too cold outside and sometimes it rains. I might get wet. I like sleeping in my hut with a fire to keep me warm,” answered Warreen.

Mirram didn’t accept this, and then said, “Your bark is too dark and smelly. It’s better to sleep outside in the fresh air!”

“No, thank you. I’ll stay in my bark hut,” replied Warreen.

Later, Mirram shouted, “You are too afraid to sleep with me, you’re a chicken hearted, my friend!”

“I’m not afraid and I’m not a chicken hearted,” shouted Warreen.

Mirram kept on ridiculing Warreen, until one night, the Warreen agreed to sleep outside. During the night, he got cold and came back into his bark hut. Mirram laughed at him.

Mirram and Warreen played together at all summer and Mirram still made fun of Warreen’s hut. But everything changed when winter came. The weather became colder while Mirram sleep outside. He climbed a tree to protect himself. One night the wind lashed the kangaroo, Mirram, with raindrops that felt like icy needles. Mirram was so wet and cold. He struggled to go to Warreen’s hut. He arrived at his friend’s hut, and then screamed, “It’s me. Now let me in!”

“No. There is no space for you!” yelled Warreen.

Mirram was furious, he pushed the door until it opened, and he said, “I’m inside now, and you aren’t big enough to throw me out.”

“Hm…….m..m…h…h…..,” snorted Warreen, “Well, sleep over there, in the corner. You are wet and I don’t want cold rainwater dripping on me.”

After that Warreen approached the fire and went back to sleep. Mirram laid down in the corner. There was a hole in the wall of the hut. He couldn’t dry himself. The fire was out, but Warreen kept sleeping. He snored and enjoying nice dreams. It made Mirram angrier.

In the morning, Mirram’s body was stiff and sore. He hobbled outside and took a big rock. When he came back, he saw wombat that was stretching and yawning. Mirram dropped the rock on Warreen’s head, flattened his forehead and made his nose curl around.

“This is for not helping me get warm and dry. And from now, you will always live in a damp hole. Your flattened forehead and cold home will remind you of last night.” Said Mirram.

Later, they didn’t  speak each other or play together. While Warreen planned revenge. He made a big spear and waited until Mirram was busy washing his face. Then he threw the spear with all his strength and it hit Mirram at he base of his spine Mirram yelled in pain and tried to pull the spear out, but it was stuck.

“From now, that will be your long tail.” Yelled Warreen, “and you”ll never have a home to live in!” Cursed Warreen.

That is why wombats now have flat foreheads and live in dark, damp burrows underground and why kangaroos have long tails and always sleep outside.

** THE END **

Wombat                                                                                                             Kangaroo


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