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Once upon a tine there lived a poor woman and her son named Jack. The woman had suffered from fever and Jack did no work. So that the widow asked to her son to sell their cow. “You must go to sell the cow son !” said her. When he went to market, he met a butcher who had some contraption beans. He bought it and brought them home thinking to surprised his mother. Arrived at home he told his moher that he bought some beans. His mother became very angry and shed many tears. Their last hope seemed gone.
Next morning Jack went to the garden. He took some beans and put it to the ground. Next two days Jack went to the garden again. He looked happy because some of beans had taken root and growing up surprisingly. Directly he climbed the beanstalk. But he went down again. He tought he had better consult his mother first. He called his mother. After looked at that his mother was amazed. Jack instanly climbed again on the ladder. The cottage, the village and all the tall tower looked quite little. Although still he couldn’t see the top of the beanstalk. Jack at last reached the top of the beanstalk and found a beautiful country on it. Not far from his place, stood a fine strong castle. While Jack was standing looking at the castle, a strange woman came out towards him. Jack talked to her and pointed to the castle and said,”Is this your house ?”. “No”, said the old lady. “I’ll tell you the story of that castle”, she said again. Then she told the story of the castle to him. She said that the castle was once his father’s and must be him. “You have to win it back for your mother,” She said loudly. But it was very difficult. Jack must get into the castle and iff possible possess himself of a hen that lays golden eggs and the giant possess was him. The lady suddently disappeared.
Then he blew the horn which hung at the castle portal. Two frightful giantess openend the door. They have one great eye in the midle of their forehead. As soon as Jack went out to escape, but they caught and dragged him into the castle. Then one of the giants said,”You shall be my boy and shan’t let you go again”. Jack was very frightened but he struggled to be brave. The giant asked him to hide her from her husband. If Jack awakened her husband, her husband will have eaten him and her. She opened the wardrobe and said'”Sent him on it !”. When he walked for breakfast Jack put half a fowl at a time into his mouth. So that the supper has gone. When the supper has ended he bade his wife bring him his hen that laid golden eggs. She asked to hen to laid a golden egg. The hen laid again and again. Now Jack was so sure that the hen was that of the fairy had spoken.
The giant was fast sleep because waited for the hen to laid the golden eggs. Jack hurried crapt out and stole the hen. He brought home the hen and told his adventures to his mother. Next day Jack come back to the castle but the giant didn’t remembered him. He saw gold coins on the table. Then he took the gold coins on the table and taking up the bags to home. He told again about how he stolen the money from the giant. Next one day he climbed the beanstalk to stole again. But the giant finnaly knew that Jack was stolen her hen and the gold coins. Jack afraid and hurried down and chopped the beanstalk. The beanstalk was trumbled and so did the giant. So that Jack and his mother were never poor again beacuse they have a hen who laid gold eggs and have much gold coins.


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